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WHEELER — From the bridge overlooking the lower Nehalem River, there’s little evidence to suggest that it’s an interesting place to explore in a kayak. ... Statesman Journal, January 9, 2018

The beauty of the Oregon Coast is magnified in places where rivers spill out into the ocean, then gently, or sometimes not so gently, creep back in with the changing of the tides. Using a small boat to explore the bays and estuaries created by this water dance offers opportunities for magical days, great photo ops and, occasionally, touches of danger. To make sure you have more of the first two and less of the third, it helps to have a great guide. ... Oregon Coast Today. February 28, 2018

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Sitka Sedge State Natural Area. VIDEO: Wildness Rules Whalen Island.

Nestucca Bay National Wildlife Refuge. VIDEO: Visiting the Nestucca River.

Nehalem River. VIDEO: Paddling for Clams.

Netarts Bay. VIDEO: A Perfect Paddle on Netarts Bay.

Oregonian Newspaper

Take a Nehalem River paddle trip on Oregon's growing network of water trails..    Riding the tide is one of the beauties of coastal paddling. And around these parts, there may be no more beautiful place to paddle than Tillamook County -- even during Oregon's wet season. With proper clothing, paddlers can sometimes experience more enjoyable outings during misty winter months than windy summer months ... Travel Section, February 27, 2010.

Whalen Island: When an island is not really an island. Whalen Island may just be the most unusual bit of geography in the state of Oregon. I usually have a pretty good head for landscapes, but Whalen Island had me totally befuddled. Travel Section, June 17th, 2007

Kayaking on the Sand Lake Estuary is one part surging water, one part mud flat -- and all fun.. Mostly in a natural state, Sand Lake is one of only two estuaries in Oregon with minimal impact from agriculture or other development (the other is South Slough at Coos Bay). We watched ring-necked ducks, western grebes and buffleheads floating on the water as we paddled over dried grasses and flowers in the upper estuary. Travel Section, January 28th, 2007.

Sunset Magazine

Paddle and Sip. It's the best-kept secret in Tillamook County. 'When I get residents back there, it's just, 'I had no idea!' says outfitter Marc Hinz, whose Kayak Tillamook County now offers trips on Hoquarton Slough and other nearby waterways from Nehalem to Neskowin. Published, 2006.

Coast Explorer Magazine

Paddling the Tillamook County Water Trail.. A walk on the beach, a drive along a coast highway, a hike over a headland - these are all great ways to explore the Oregon Coast - but to get a duck's eye view of the wildlife-rich wetlands, estuaries and bays, there's no other way than paddling on a guided eco tour. Spring 2013

Our Coast Magazine

Explore Kayak Tillamook.. Kayaking guides who are worth their salt will tell you flat out: You can’t just paddle out to sea. February 15, 2013

Portland Monthly

Tillamook County Water Trail.. Yurts in state parks offer warm and weatherproof shelter as a base for beach fun between rainstorms. December 13, 2012

Seattle Times

Yurts make winter camping on Oregon Coast a cozy adventure.. A new aquatic wonderland beckons on the Coast. February 20, 2013

Coast Weekend

Paddle through Tillamook Bay history, in nature.. The Tillamook Treasure Map has been discovered … May 21, 2012 has on story that our Japanese friends can read. here. Published, 2010.

Oregon Business Magazine

Tillamook economy diversifies with nature-based tourism.. Published, June 2006.

Our Blogger Friends

Kayaking the Little Nestucca. Jan Harris's blog has a post about her kayaking adventure with pretty spectacular pictures too. We put into the river just above the Highway 101 bridge - 8 of us in all, including Cheryl, and all of us eager to explore the river. Published, August 21st, 2009.

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